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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lazy Sundays

Today was a good day. A nice sleep in, a lazy breakfast and then just enough time in between to hang out with Annemarie before heading to church. We went to woollahra (I think? - somewhere near paddington anyway) and had lunch at one of those trendy sidewalk cafes. You know the kind of place where people generally go to see or be seen? In our case it was the former rather than the latter, but it was really nice just to hang out and catchup.

Then we wandered around (as you can see looking at kids books amongst other things - almost had to pull AJ away from this toy) and eventually stumbled across a bonsai shop/gallery. It was amazing! I've never been into bonsai (far as I can tell it's the 'art' of spending way too much time looking after little trees) but all the little trees were so cute and you could tell that the owners were really passionate about what they do. The most intriguing part though, came when I asked if I could take some photos. I was told that for insurance purposes, they wouldn't let me because of the chance that some fanatic would see a bonsai that they really liked and come and steal it...i feel like I've ventured into some new undercover bonsai world!

Tonight's sermon channeled into what I have been thinking about lately - the meaning of life apart from the Son, as seen through Ecclesiastes. If you can follow the links through the CCSI website then Robins sermon is really worth a listen. One thing that I really liked was his comment that we ask the question 'why?' (when we suffer) because this is our default coping mechanism. I think it's easier for us to always be asking 'why?' because we want to try and find a reason/explanation because that is then something that we can control - rather than trusting in God and being content to wait on, and in, His sovereignty (as per Job).

on another note altogether, check out: (sorry if this doesn't link straight through - my computer skills aren't quite there yet!)


  • At 4:17 pm, Blogger dave traill said…

    hey jodi, good to hear you're getting plenty out of your sundays. were you seen?

    about your comment "rather than trusting in God and being content to wait on, and in, His sovereignty (as per Job)", it's challenging to hear that God is completely sovereign in all of our lives and all we have is to place our trust with Him.

    i guess that makes us totally powerless objects when it comes to what comes our way in our lives.

    "either this means everything, or it means nothing at all"

    kinda humbling



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