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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Picture this… you’re driving down the main road (having just managed to swerve the donkey that pulled out in front of you) with the windows down, cool wind blowing, blue sky glowing and sister hazel (or whatever you’re equally sentimental musical pick may be) is coming through your ipod… A pretty good afternoon…

I’m back on the island and it’s safe to say that this afternoon served as a sweet taste reminding me of some of the reasons why I like it here.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great being back in Australia (let’s face it, who wouldn’t love being in Sydney over a summery Christmas? Check out some pictures on the flickr if you need the proof!) But there are things that I’ve missed being away from here too. The sweet smell of Arabic perfume wafting through the small wooden incense burners, desert sunsets, hommos, feasting your eyes on the rainbow of spices for sale at the markets, the elegance of women walking in their abayas… the list could go on.

But most especially, the people and the relationships that we have started to cultivate. It was great walking into church the other morning to be welcomed by big hugs and go out to lunch with 20 people from 7 different cultures – you haven’t seen cross cultural stuff until you’ve watched some Africans jumping and dancing with Philippinos’ to worship music followed by a German teaching an American and an Indian French greetings over a Thai lunch… trippy but true…

Tonight I’m going go-carting with some friends and the F1 track with three aims; fun, pictures and coming back with nothing broken or too badly scratched up!


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