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Thursday, March 23, 2006

manic mondays

i love my Monday mornings. i know i odd thing for most people to say, but (like someone with a touch of OCD) let me explain my little rituals to you. just before 9 i walk past a favourite cafe in glebe and get a coffee and some raisin toast. then i meander up this road to Sydney uni where the credo staff team meets with the Sydney EU staff team for three hours and work through issues in theology and ministry together.
then i head back through the park and usually sit by the lake and read my bible and pray for the hour before leading one of four (not including CCSI) small groups. it's 'me' time and i love it.
what makes the Monday morning just gone so worth while mentioning is what we looked at in the staff eQuip time. Here's a summary...
we've been looking at Aquinas, Augustine and roman Catholicism. the thing about our spiritual forefathers is that they were no more special than us - these were people who struggled with their humanity just as much as we do. like a $5 note that only has value because our govt says so, we only have value because God says so... so what makes us so valuable to Him? if we're valuable and worthy, then we have been freed to live in an entirely new way. Here are my questions for us as we face the weekend and get set for another Monday:
do we have a vision for our lives that is more than just not sinning?
are we people who are settling for just 'escaping through the flames' rather than living with the fullest freedom that we have been given through Christ, to be the holy people that we were created to be from the beginning?
As for me - this weekend entails my bible study weekend away at macmasters. I'm going surfing!!!


  • At 2:05 pm, Anonymous chelsea said…

    Nice post Jodi! Beautiful photo, and some encouraging - and challenging - thoughts!
    I have to say if I had a monday morning like that I would enjoy and look forward to them too! :)


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