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Friday, December 05, 2008

What do you get when you put a kiwi, a scot, a pom and an aussie in the same room?

Sounds like a joke doesn't it? Well it could be but in this case it's just the start of a group of people having fun.

These are some of the people that I was blessed to spend the better part of a week with while on SPRTE. I had breakfast with them today in Coogee at one of my favourite cafes, Barzuras to close off a 'sweet as' week. I said my own little goodbyes, but I wanted to send them a letter - and similar to the ones that we get to see in Scripture, I thought I would make it public so that others can get a glimpse of their ministry too.

Here goes:

Dear TSCF'ers

What can I say, I am a sentimental girl who can better put my words on paper than I can often do in person. So here are my words to you - as public as they may be!

I feel so blessed that you guys were on SPRTE - it may sound egotistical but perhaps God knew that I would need to get to know some new brothers and sisters to push, nudge and nurture me along the way of navigating an intense week. Having said that, I also think that perhaps I might not have been so challenged if you hadn't been there! Talk about impact and pushing people out of their comfort zones - if you guys can speak this much into my life in one week, then I'm looking forward to getting to Heaven and seeing how He has used you guys in the lives of people that you get to minister to, and with, regularly.

They are blessed. Your love for each other and your true delight in your ministries has been a breath of fresh air. New Zealand is lucky to have you. Your passion for the gospel, humility, generosity and (dare I say it?) tender strength will serve the students of NZ, not to mention the Kingdom in ways that I'm sure none of us can yet imagine.

Val, I'd love to follow you around for a week and see what delightful havoc and gentle compassion you offer to the girls and the campuses that you work with -it's so great to see a Godly woman with such strength, passion and conviction. Thanks for being another chick to hang out with - I don't think I have ever laughed so much on a conference... if it ever comes up, rest assured I'll be blaming you for getting busted by a student and Yando... least it wasn't in the same night! :)

Ben - why do I get the impression that you're a rock that many can lean and depend on for all sorts of reasons? Thanks for your honesty in sharing your own journey so far and your words of encouragement to take up new opportunities. Let's make sure that you get back over here next year because I look forward to seeing and learning from your evangelism in action.

Nigel. Nigel.... where to start? There's a big chunk of me that wished you stopped preaching 10 mins before you did the other night so that I wouldn't be in the uncomfortable place that I now am - but where's the fun in that eh? I wont forget your words. The coastline is getting further away...

I refuse to say goodbye to any of you. See you soon - and speak sooner

With much love
x j.


  • At 11:31 am, Blogger Nigel Pollock said…

    Thanks Jodi

    Your post brought a tear and a smile.

    I look forward to your postcards from the 7 seas.


    A harbour town's a refuge, where you come in from the storm,
    But the comforts of the coastline can hold you far too long,
    And your mind becomes a little dull and your soul gets sapped away,
    And your ship gets old and shabby as you laze those days away.

    I think it's time to set the sail and slip out on the tide,
    And sail along the seaways that the salt wind shall provide.

    For I have lived a landsman's life in everything but name,
    A voyager they called me but my life was still the same,
    As all the land-locked people who would ask me what I'd seen,
    And I'd tell them of my voyages, of the man I once had been.

    I think it's time to set the sail and slip out on the tide,
    And sail along the seaways that the salt wind shall provide.

    And now I hear that rushing wind come blowing on the town,
    One by one all my fears come crashing to the ground,
    The wind demands an answer to the question: "Will you go?"
    I may be weak but I will not say no.

    I think it's time to set the sail and slip out on the tide,
    And sail along the seaways that the salt wind shall provide.

    I'll sail away, I'll sail away
    Sail away.

  • At 10:17 pm, Blogger Ben Carswell said…

    Jodi - Great to read of all God was doing in your life last week & also to see it close at hand & be part of it. Thank you for your kind words & encouragement. You were a real encouragement to all of us & a good mate too.
    As for Nigel finishing his talk earlier, it would have been very simple - all you needed to do was hold up a sign saying "time up" - but, if you'd done that, maybe we would never hear stories of all that God will do in and through you in the IFES world.
    Keep in touch & thanks for sharing!


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