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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So... how you feeling?

Now ordinarily, this question asked often enough in a short space of time could indicate a poor emotional or physical state but those in the know would realise that this is more reflective of the fact that this time in just ten little days I will be on a plane headed off to France and the Middle East.

So, some emotive words to explain the current state: excited, anxious, tired, get-me-on-the-plane-now, anticipatory, shocked (that it's come around so quickly) vulnerable, stressed... get the picture?

The last couple of months have been a blur (hence the lack of posts - the is the last time I'll apologise to those who have been giving little digs about not posting enough!) with regular uni things, team meetings, trying to catch up with friends, church stuff, a few OS skype calls and me pouring over tour guides of Paris and the south of France. It's hard to believe that 8 months of planning are coming together and it's all just around the corner.

But lots of planning and running around seems to have taken a little toll on my health. The reason I can post in the afternoon is because I'm confined to my couch with bronchitis. I am officially all drugged up. So drugged up in fact that I seem to have become a little dozy-ish... today, for example? I was walking through the shops (slowly because let's face it I was just picking up some sort of breathing apparatus) I didn't notice that I had dropped an envelope until a sweet little old lady stopped me and called me back. Good thing she did too because that little envelope that I should have been paying attention too contained a couple of hundred euros and dollars... that would have ended in tears. Many, many, many tears.

Lesson for you all - when you see someone drop something let them know, it might be important.


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