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Monday, February 04, 2008

Just another day at the office

This scene was just a little too familiar for some of us who were around for the Barneys fire that happened almost two years ago now...

But luckily for us - the explosion that happened at the Nando's chicken shop in Broadway early this morning, didn't cause anywhere near the same sort of disruption that the fire did. A couple of windows on our front area where blown out and the building was evacuated and without water... but other than that... ok, truth be told I sort of ended up no doing to much actual work today but got to roam around and take a bunch of photos.

The best part was getting to do something which I have wanted to for ages - get in behind the second lot of barriers at the old Barneys site and climb up on the roof for some birds-eye shots. My favourite photo from my little expedition though was one that's of the jar that has obviously been blown out of the Nandos building, across the road and over 2 ruined walls (it's the 'perri perri' one)

I decided to put them up here rather than FB because I've just discovered that a part of their conditions is that FB get's the rights to any pic's you put on their site - not with flickr so for those curious to see more photos just click on the photos to your right and follow the prompts.


  • At 6:48 pm, Anonymous Alex said…

    Nice photos, Jodi. :) Didn't realise FB has the rights to leech photos, either! Seeing Bethan this weekend. Hope you're well... do some work tomorrow. ;-)

  • At 2:23 pm, Anonymous Goldy said…

    What is FB? (OK, so I am ignorant)

  • At 2:29 pm, Blogger jodi said…

    ha ha goldy - mate, you still visit!!! how nice to know - Face Book.

    i've been reading what you guys are up to too - glad that leech didn't suck all the life out of you - would have been pretty funny to see!


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