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Friday, January 04, 2008

the depth in an industry that's all about the surface

This is me in action doing my 'other job'. I've been doing a fair bit of makeup work over the semester break which has had a couple of pro's, and the con of making me much more tired than I would like to be. But the pro's have definitely outweighed it all.

Primarily the relationships that I've been able to rebuild and step up a notch with some of the girls that I used to work with, as well as meet some new ones. In the makeup industry I am constantly being quizzed as to why on earth I would be a Christian, let alone be in ministry full time. The apparent contrast of makeup and ministry raises either eyebrows or questions but in these last couple of weeks some of the questions from the girls or clients have been, to say the least, intense.

The ones about dating and sex are pretty standard, but it's only been recently (and with deepening relationships) that they have turned to "is my handicapped brother a punishment from God?" and "do you think I'm going to Hell?" Phew!

People are literally crying out to see how the Gospel will speak in to their lives but are the secular Christians hearing them and really listening so they can offer the words of hope? I've been tempted a couple of times in the last few weeks to throw in uni ministry and go back to the work force because of the incredible opportunities that there are. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do at UTS (and no I'm not leaving because I do feel that God is using me there in some specific ways too) but it has renewed my earnest desire to see committed evangelical Christians reaching their peers in the workforce.

I love this city, but we're the modern day Corinth. Shouldn't we be doing something about that? I know there are many faithful Christians in the work force who see their offices as their mission fields, and I praise God for that, but somehow I don't think that many are thinking that strategically...

How can we change this?


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