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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I simply cannot imagine living in an inferno for 4 days.

I can't imagine walking past burnt out wrecks of cars, knowing that people perished in them.

I can't imagine having to hold someone in a pool for 36 hours while fires raged around - to see them come out of it with no lips or hands

I can't answer the question of why one persons home is destroyed while another remains untouched.

I wont pretend to comprehend the grief of someone who is waiting to be told the fate of a loved one, one of the 100 or so, who is still missing

I applaud, praise and am humbled by the heroism shown by so many volunteers - who have served others in the midst of their own pain and grief

300 (300???) is what the government is now predicting might be the death toll - started at the hands of arsonists. Justice can not be brought too swiftly in my mind. But in this sort of suffering, who can judge what will be justice?

As I sit in the comfort of my living room, far away from Victoria and the 27 fires that are still burning it's all to easy to feel removed - but perhaps that is the numbness that comes from the shock of the images that we're seeing on our TV's or the agony in the voices of those who are telling their stories on the radio.