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Sunday, March 26, 2006

another great weekend

This weekend, Ed and I took our bible study to Macmasters for the weekend to spend some quality time together; hanging out, reading the bible and looking into being godly men and women. First of all, you know that the weekend is off to a good start when you see the house that we were staying in - literally off the cover of a design magazine!
a couple of late nights had to happen (hence the afternoon naps for steph and maddy) probably because of too much 500 and scattegories.
the weather was great and the surf was massive (by the way - i took one look at it and decided that i would be toast if i even tried to go out in it). Saturday arvo was very relaxed, but it took a competitive turn when we ran into another BS from CCSI who were also away. inevitably we started playing cricket (and also inevitably we had two crazy boys climbing cliffs to retrieve the balls when Pete and i hit them up there!) and some late afternoon touch footy (which we only lost because somehow Brier managed to sneak through our defences).
But it was great just to hang out. Sitting on the sidelines for a while i couldn't help but think about heaven - i think that this weekend was a touch of it...God's people glorifying Him as they have a great time enjoying each other. so good!!!!


  • At 10:31 am, Anonymous lunch said…

    pete andrews is my hero

  • At 10:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Late nights, courtesy of Wonka Pixie Stix =O)

  • At 9:18 pm, Blogger Chelsea Grainger said…

    oh you're right, that house looks awesome!
    Yay for good weekend aways + quality time with brothers and sisters! Glad to hear you guys had a good one!
    hehe now i know who's in your bible study too! hehe

  • At 7:39 am, Anonymous Goldy said…

    That house does look pretty dang awesome!
    Good Ole McMasters! Few things better...


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