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Monday, July 30, 2007

The politics of being a Christian

Early Saturday morning I headed to Chatswood to join 15 others and have a breakfast with John Anderson on the topic of "Staying the Course as a Leader" - getting some of his thoughts on what it means to be a Christian man or woman with the conviction that Jesus must be the difference in our society.

For those overseas (or like myself and usually a little less politically aware) John Anderson is the former Deputy PM of Australia, and it was really interesting to hear some of his perspectives on the strengths and weakness of Gen Y - and where previous generations have failed them by not providing a clearer framework in which to make decisions about their lives (ie, everything is more temporary and lacking in visions beyond 5 years, always thinking that we/they will have 'the good life' or things that they want because most have never known what it means to go without). He also spoke about what it means to be a leader: to have a vision, to implement that vision and to have others want to support it and come along on the journey. His passion and enthusiasm to spend time talking and sharing one on one to find out what we were doing was somewhat impressive and showed a genuine humility that you couldn't help but want to respond to - and it's easy to see why he received so many accolades from his peers when he retired from Dep PM. I've started reading his biography (also with the sub agenda of giving it to my dad to give him the testimony of a respected Christian man) and, although I don't think it's the best written bio ever, it's definitely worth a read.

But since Saturday, and last week when reading one of Justin Moffats post's (sorry - still don't know how to link but if you go to his blog it's the one "What makes God look Glorious" or do a UTube search on John Piper + prosperity), I've been thinking more and more about what it is that we do, or don't, stand for as Christians. Do we really live as salt and light to each other let alone the rest of the world? Do we challenge, exhort and encourage each other in Holiness in a way that Scripture would encourage if not demand of us?

As I mentioned before, I've been reading Chronicles of Narnia while not being able to sleep. In "The Horse and His Boy" there is a section which is talking about the people of Narina and the fact that they have gotten so comfortable and used to peace in their world that they have become soft - and disconnected - with the purpose of being a Narnian. When trouble comes to them, they stand around and talk about possibilities, rather than stepping up and taking action until a leader (not Aslan) comes along to motivate them into doing something...

Where do you think we are 'softest' as Christians? How could change impact our society?


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