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Monday, July 23, 2007

I think I can, I think I can...

Now I may be getting a little loopy from not enough sleep - but tonight has been a blast in my house... how often to you get to turn up the ipod speakers and dance around your apartment in trackies and ski-boots? I am determined to break these boots in before heading to the slopes in a couple of weekends time, and breaking them in while packing and dancing seems like a pretty good option to me (although if you ever do see anyone dancing in ski boots it just looks completely un-co, and I've just discovered that it scratches the floor).

You see, the dancing around is a celebration of the fact that just like Thomas and my new late night friends on the tour - I am almost at the top of my mountain of camps/holiday ministry. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading south with some of the students from UTS to go on our D'Arts Fac Getaway - the last week in 6 that I will need to be away for. The theme this year is "Look Forward" and we're delving into the book of Revelation to see what God's word has to say to His church and how we are to live today in light of what will come Tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it - we're actually going to be covering the whole book in two and a half days so it's a good chance to really get into the text.

If you're reading this and you're a person who prays to Jesus, I would really appreciate prayer for good sleep and rest over the next few days in particular. God has been very good in sustaining me this far through a reasonably intense couple of months, so one more week would be great.


  • At 2:38 am, Blogger Justin said…

    I'm having trouble visualizing you dancing in your room in ski boots.

    Which may be a good thing.

    Have just now prayed for you.

  • At 8:30 am, Blogger jodi said…

    hey Justin - thanks for the prayers, they are much appreciated! Turns out I have wireless here so I can give an update: so far (i think) it's going really well. We are smaller in numbers than I had hoped for, but that means that we're able to do a lot of bonding etc.
    Studying Revelation is also going really well (up to chapter 5 but will be at the end of 16 by the time we head to bed. It is such a rich blessing to be able to read through, discover, and pray through such slabs of Scripture.

  • At 3:13 pm, Blogger Newyhilton said…

    I double dare you to post a youtube video of your skiboot dancing on your blog!

  • At 6:58 pm, Blogger jodi said…

    you know sam, i think i probably would (if i knew how and if you paid me with a good bottle of red). you and pru going well - how is her health? my prayers have been with her


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