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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where are the answers?

So I have some exciting news - but apparently I can't post about it until someone else puts it on their website first (you have 24hrs!). Let's just say that I love my friends and last night was wonderful to see and a be a part of.

In the meantime I'll content myself with doing some proper reflecting on study camp. Questions, questions, questions... that's what has characterised the week that has just been. Both being the one questioned about what it means to be a Christian and who Jesus is - along with questions that I have about what teens are being taught in their schools and how they see and understand themselves in the light of the rest of their world.
The questions that the girls of my discussion group had were fantastic. Many of them simply didn't know who Jesus is, what is the Gospel and how Christianity could be so much more than their preconceived notions of 'religion'. It was truly a blessing to be there and to be someone to help them work through some of those issues. My prayer for them though, is that they have a restlessness to keep asking their questions but to know that at some point, we have to do something with the knowledge that we wont always have the answers but that doesn't mean that we have to put making a decision about Christianity on hold.

There really is something about sharing an intense week of ministry with a team of people that can change, challenge and motivate you in ways that you hadn't previously expected. I was incredibly thankful to God as I was able to see some of the Credoites putting into practice things that we had talked about before camp about what they could expect - but even more so as I saw the effects that doing a week of ministry had on them and their own understanding of God and His role in their lives.

And for the whistler blowers/fun/picnic crew - you know who you are - thanks for another year. I feel blessed that we were able to do it again, to do it differently and to most of all to do it together because, in my book, you're four pretty remarkable people.


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