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Monday, August 27, 2007

Why do you believe ... ?

Fill in the blanks for yourself: that the sky is blue? It's good to brush your teeth? That you have value? In God? Jesus? Buddah? Islam?

Until today, I don't think that I ever fully realised how powerful asking that question can be. How powerful, and liberating, it can be to walk up to a stranger and asks what makes them tick. The change that occurred today is that I asked the question "Why are you a Muslim? What does it mean to you?" of three female students (it's Islamic awareness week at UTS as well as our own Christian mission - God's sense of humour or something bigger?) and now each of them want to meet next week for coffee. Similarly a non-Christian who came to the talk we held today (Andrew Katay - The Delusion of Atheism) wants to meet up to ask some questions about Christianity and specifically some things about Christian uni students... I'm thinking that I have just been a little blind to the evangelistic opportunities that I have on campus when 15 minutes can bring about 4 coffee dates with these girls...

As you can see the 'theme' is vote one God - in other words, make a choice; have the integrity to ask yourself the tough questions about why you believe whatever it is that you do and go from there. I guess like an election, asking yourself who do you want to be aligned with and then make a mark to show it. But at least make some sort of decision rather than faffing about with nothing-ness. Ok, I'm tired and that may have come out harsher than it's meant to but you get my drift.

Thanks for those who have come and told me that they're getting emails and have been praying for us. As you can tell from the snippets above - God is definitely answering those prayers and providing great opportunities for talking to people!


  • At 7:22 pm, Blogger Matty said…

    Its Islamic awareness week at UTS? I had no idea!

  • At 2:00 pm, Blogger timbo said…

    M Collins throws in his 2 cents...

    Thats amazing Jodi, will def be praying for you guys! Would love to hear further on how your Coffee's go!

    True boldness is something that Christians in Sydney are in short supply of. [can'o worms opened!]

  • At 3:36 pm, Blogger EmP said…

    Hey Jodi,
    I've been praying ALOT over the past 2 weeks especially after meeting up with you. I think both Joel and i really needed to hear what u had to say. I think God does have a crazy sense of timing and i've probably talked to more Muslims in the past 2 weeks than i have in my entire life. This mission is absolutely a success in my eyes. I hope that the christians on campus have been compelled to be bold and that the "mission" won't end here. Praying for you and the girls you're meeting up with. I'd love to hear how it goes and if i can help in any way u know where to find me ;)


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