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Monday, February 16, 2009

let lips be lips (they're very handy for eating)

I admit it, I have a problem. For about 6 hours a day, my brain is wrestling with one particular topic - something that sustains me, keeps me in wonder, delight and perplexity as I ponder the problem of what will I eat next? I simply love food in a way that borderlines on a bit of a fetish (so it's probably a good thing that my love for exercise is also growing).

In particular at the moment I'm delving into the world of blue cheese and so was quite happy when Dad told me he'd like a cheese and fruit platter as a part of his 60th birthday dinner tomorrow night. It gave me the perfect opportunity to wander into a deli and say 'yes' when the charming old Italian man asked if I'd care to try any as I made my selection.

Oh the tantalising tension of trying out a favourite combination! Does quince paste go better with the stilton, blue or bring out a softness in a vintage cheddar? Should you nibble on a dried apricot before or after your favourite tipple to bring out the best flavour? Should the grapes be in a separate bowl or does their fresh green-ness come out best when artfully scattered bunches are placed between the cheeses, apricots, tamarind almonds and occasional celebratory piece of dark chocolate?

As I ponder these questions (and have my salmon marinading in a delightful blend of fresh ginger, corriandar, lemon grass, soy and the barest hint of paprika) I'm also thinking through 1 Cor's 12:14-20. Can you imagine the scene at my banquet if the parts of the body tried to subvert their roles? What if the eye demanded that the blue vein was rubbed into it instead of being able to see the rainbow of colours? Or if the ear suddenly wanted some quince paste rubbed in it for good measure, instead of being able to hear the joyful noises of smacking lips? Or if the nose wanted a couple of grapes shoved up the nostrils for good measure (interestingly most creatures, esp dogs don't eat when they have a cold because the sense of smell is so closely linked to appetite)? Oh the tragedy because nothing would get eaten!

It's ludicrous isn't it - and yet how often do we try and do that in simpler ways? Do we feel that something is our right, that we should be involved or doing something rather than that other person? Do we encourage and delight in the differences between one another so that the whole body is working well and supporting each other?


  • At 3:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Enjoy the birthday dinner my dear!

  • At 6:56 am, Blogger Nigel Pollock said…

    Hope you can inspire Credo to thirst for community as much as you hunger for food!!!

  • At 8:47 am, Blogger Nigel Pollock said…

    Actually on reflection that might be a bit much too hope for.

    Lets just pray they really thirst for community.


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