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Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't Just Quote Me...

So, as promised, here is the first of the instalments into an exploration of Romans. It's brief, and focused on one small section - but that's because right now, it's hitting close to the bone. To start we, we're jumping straight into what I think is often one of the most mis (or inappropriately) quoted verses of the bible...

"And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him" (Roms 8:28)

How many times have you heard that verse (or perhaps trotted it out yourself?) when someone has been going through something rough. In and of itself of course I must affirm that it's not a bad thing to say (it is after all, Scripture that God has given to us that is true and right) - but I think that caution must be used before jumping into a situation with these words. It's good though for us to remember that these words haven't come from someone whose life has coasted along in serenity. Paul has faced despair, persecution (to the point of death) constant beatings and imprisonment. Put into the context of the passage (Roms 8:18-39) Paul is helping us to think about what it means, and what our attitude should be, as ones living in a world that is groaning, as in the pains of childbirth, while waiting to be restored to it's former glory.

Let's put it into a practical scenario shall we? On Thursday I went up north to spend some time with some much loved friends. In the last couple of weeks they have received some news about their beautiful baby girl, Gemma.

Gem in now 3 months old - and they've recently been told that she may be facing blindness and Cerebral Palsy. One is big enough - but both? Both! I have cried for the injustice of it. As Christians, with a biblical theology of the fall and of the restoration that is to come, we know that this world is not as it should be. This section of Romans gives us Paul's perspective on what it means to look forward to a future glory. The future restoration of the world - physical and spiritual - to the way that God intended it to be.

So you tell me, what would you tell my friends?

All too often Christians will try and comfort their friends who are suffering with the words of Roms 8:28, but all too often these words will come out as being trite and blasé to one who is facing genuine pain and suffering. Sometimes, the thing to do is not to jump to offering the words, but rather to sit in silence and mourn with them. Mourn that this world is not as it should be – and remember together that, by Christ, God will restore all of His creation to the Glory that we were supposed to enjoy.

And that my friends, is hope…

Please pray for this gorgeous little girl. Please pray for my wonderful friends - who are two people who constantly inspire and challenge me in Godliness and what it means to serve Him in all things.

Pray for whatever aspect you want; healing for Gemma, patience, love and wisdom for her parents - perhaps most of all that the hand that Gem clings to will be that of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus.


  • At 7:11 pm, Anonymous alex said…

    praying for all of the above.


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