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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

just one of those days i guess

Ok - so this has not been the best morning. I forgot to set my alarm last night - so, inevitably, I woke up at about 8:50, ten minutes before my first small group was supposed to start at UTS. That was just not going to happen this week. So, I rush around my house getting myself ready and also making sure the place looks good in case any real-estate people want to come through. Race up the stairs...realise I left something down half way back down them (for those of you who know yes I'm talking about my spiral staircase) and then fell down the rest of them. One minute I was upright, the next, I was hard on my butt at the bottom bawling my eyes out in pain.
bashed my elbows (especially the left one) and busted my left wrist. The ligament is strained and there's a possibility that I've popped some small disc that's in there somewhere... ggggrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and these exclamation points are warranted!)
so it got me thinking - let's see whose broken or fractured the most things. Here's my list (bottom to top):

2 toes
chipped bones on both ankles (inside and out)
fractured left knee
fractured left hip
broken one rib, fractured another
broken one knuckle on my right hand (he deserved that punch though)
left arm - four breaks all at the same time (2 bones, 2 breaks each)
fractured both collarbones
fractured 2 vertebrae in my neck
and did you know that there's a bone in between your two top teeth? Done that one too...

anyone think they can do better? I drink lots of milk, maybe I'm just too adventurous or too clumsy


  • At 8:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jodi, Jodi, Jodi...

    Where is the competition in this game, I ask you?? I bet you posted that because You Knew You Would Win. Hahaha. So much for the idea of a body being a temple... a Temple of Doom is perhaps more appropriate (bone-etically speaking...'bone-etically' is not a real word).

    Be thankful you are not a bat. The bones in their legs are so thin that no bat anywhere in the entire world can walk. That's really unlucky. But the collar bone is actually the most frequently broken bone, so... er, well done(!), I guess.

    AND -- I regret to inform you that due to unforseen circumstances, my identify must remain A Secret until next week. Then All Will Be Revealed. A thousand apologies. I am anxious that by that time I will have created too much hype around my identity and it will no longer be Interesting... so I might start to drop Some Really Good Clues.

    Ms. Anonymous :)

    PS -- I fractured a finger during netball training when I was 11. You Win.

  • At 10:50 pm, Anonymous Tim said…

    I can't beat that list either. I only have 5 different breaks in my right leg (four one time & then a bone in my foot that just snapped in half last year when I was running... so much for bone density) and I think that it is for actual breaks, though I have had a shoulder reconstructed too.

    Maybe I can take the crown for the greatest amount of full-time damage done. My leg injury alone is said to equal 45% loss of the use of that leg!

    What do I want this prize for anyway?

  • At 11:00 pm, Anonymous lunch said…

    OK Jodi ...

    Firstly, way too many exclamation marks.

    Secondly, I have broken my right hand about seven times and fractured the wrist on the same hand once. So when it comes to inflicting damage on one part of the body, I think I win hands down ;-p

  • At 11:03 pm, Anonymous chelsea said…

    Jodi, I think those exclamation marks are very warranted! You poor thing *hugs*

    I on the other hand have not broken any bones....praise God! Heres hopin it stays that way!

    Hope you have a much better day tomorrow!

  • At 11:34 pm, Anonymous J said…

    Not bad Jodi...I guess I haven't seen this adventurous/injurious side to you much. I'm afraid I can only offer a measly 9 busted ribs and a fractured thumb to your tally.


  • At 12:02 am, Blogger Justin said…

    No competition here.

    Jodi -- that sounds very painful -- the late wake up AND the break.


    [Is there another J. out there???]


  • At 9:05 am, Blogger dave traill said…

    you are very adventurous jodi, but if you stopped being so it wouldn't be the same jodi.

    so chin up, keep on running, but spiral staircases? you NEED to slow down on those.

    i've only ever received a cricket ball full force in the head, so i think you're record is safe against us.

  • At 11:08 pm, Blogger MP said…

    never broken anything...guess im just that strong.

  • At 12:05 am, Blogger Di said…

    I didn't spot a broken heart in that really, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

  • At 7:30 am, Blogger jodi mclaren said…

    aah mini me, that's true but never fear, that's on the list too.
    thanks for the sympathy Justin and Chelsea (that's all i really wanted anyways) and the other J, Mr Moff, is a UTS'er

  • At 1:25 am, Anonymous ange said…

    aww jodi...

    would it be mean if i told u i've never broken a single part of my body?!?! (not even my heart!)

    i drank lots of milk as a kid, maybe that's why :)

    btw, you've proven my point about u being a closet computer nerd and all :p

  • At 9:47 pm, Blogger Camel said…

    I reckon that sounds dud times elevnty five Jodi. But nearly a week on i ma guessing the pain has subsided somewhat. I think i have only broken both my little fingers (3 days apart) and some leg damage in an abseiling accident but no breakages (apart from the fingers) So maybe there were some...

  • At 5:32 pm, Blogger Trinette said…

    But the most important question still hasn't been answered ... did you make it to UTS for your first small group? :)
    Thought I'd drop by and say hi - it's really just a form of procrastination!


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