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Friday, November 24, 2006

Please Welcome...

Gemma Grace Keighley.

Although she was born three weeks ago, I just got to met her yesterday and she is adorable! Jeff and Naree, you have produced a truly beautiful little girl.

And can I just add - it is slightly scary when you get to that age in life when a lot of your friends are having babies. But I guess that's the good thing about them belonging to friends - these ones I can hand back to the owners when necessary!


  • At 1:36 pm, Blogger phil said…

    Gday Jodie - great news about your friend. You guys sound like you left with half of Koorong! Just wanted to say a quick "Hi!" and let you know - as in the past I rem talking with you at length about it - that I'm doing MTS next year!!

    Hopefully chat to you soon.

    Praying for UTS

  • At 2:58 pm, Blogger Chelsea Grainger said…

    jodi that is a beauitful photo!
    what a gorgeous bub!
    you gotta love the giving back factor hehe i take advantage of that one too hehe


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