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Friday, October 06, 2006

Remember those days as a kid or a teenager when all you wanted to do was be out and about at night or on the weekends - because you usually equated it with being popular and friends wanting you to do stuff with them? Now it seems like all I want to do is stay at home and chill out...It hasn't all been fun stuff so the fact that tonight is my first night at home (in a few weeks!) to just chill out on my own, is a blessing.
So, what have I been doing? Well, a lot of it was spent away at Ballina/Byron while the rest has been night meetings or out with friends. The details are kind of boring, but it's all been good.
A highlight of being away was having the chance to spend time with Graham Stanton (who has the cheesy grin as we were all about to tuck into a great dinner) and Andy Stevenson (seen below chilling out on the rivers edge at Ballina).
I was at Youthworks College with these two in 01 - 02 and it was there that Andy (along with Pete and Paul) became a part of my own little band of brothers... truly wonderful godly guys who took me on like a sister - meaning that they laughed with (and at) me, let me cry on their shoulders occasionally and (in Andy's case in particular) taught me how to punch.
I've really missed them so it was wonderful to spend a couple of days catching up and hanging out - as well as listening to some great talks from Graham on 1 Samuel.

There should be some more pictures coming up on flickr soon with a few more details for any who are interested.

Now if you will excuse me, it's back to my couch a glass of red, some dark chocolate and 'Over the Hedge' which I picked up for the bargain price of $16 from coles (the scene with the squirrel on V is just about one of the funniest I have ever seen - if you haven't watched it yet you're missing out!).


  • At 10:08 pm, Blogger Goldy said…

    Glad to have you back!

  • At 12:13 am, Blogger Justin said…

    Just to lett you know that we are readin', Jods...

  • At 7:12 pm, Blogger jodi mclaren said…

    Aw thanks Justin, good to know!

  • At 7:02 pm, Blogger Emma said…

    hey jodi,

    long time no comment - hope all is well, sounds like it is!

    you might like the "homage to the dance movie" post on my blog if you're up for some silliness...

    love em

  • At 11:04 pm, Anonymous chelsea said…

    welcome back jodes!
    sounds like a great trip!

    I'm a fan of that photo of andy by the way..and some of the others on flicker too! :)

  • At 10:50 pm, Anonymous angie said…

    You gave a good talk today, just wanted to let you know!


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