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Monday, September 18, 2006

So I've kind of been sick since last Wednesday. Some sort of bug thing (duh, there's a reason why I never looked into medicine). All this meant that I turned into a hermit over the weekend and only left my place to go to Cathy's kitchen tea and church. Apart from being sick, Saturday was just one of my perfect hermit days:

Sleep in - check
Breakie in front of sat morning telly - check
Lying by the pool reading - check
Hour and a half long nap in my hammock - check
Dinner on my couch in my pj's - check

During the course of my lovely hermit time I read a lot. Something I read, from the pen of another Jodi, stayed with me:

"Memories aren't stored in the heart or the head or even the soul, if you ask me, but in the spaces between any two given people."

(Disclaimer - I'm not going nuts, 'hermit time' doesn't happen very often. I still like people).


  • At 8:23 pm, Anonymous alex said…

    hi jodi. what a brilliant weekend. i'm interested to know what you think of jodi picoult. i have reservations, but we can discuss reasons later.

    you might want to look into getting yourself a fuseball table for future hermit days - bit of extra practice here and there might be in order... ;) kidding.

    have fun in byron. x


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