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Saturday, December 23, 2006

8 hours - 3 countries

Let me start by saying, I am having a ball! This is great!

In the last 48 hours I have successfully managed to navigate my way to and from the airport in Tokyo and check into a hotel room; go out for dinner in Narita; then the next morning catch trains and subways in and out of Tokyo, Shinjuku and Ginza and order lunch (well, ok – it was sushi and I didn’t really have to order so much as look at what I wanted). The Japanese people are so lovely and welcoming. And everywhere I went, whether the plane, train, in a restaurant, hotel – anywhere – there was constantly a phrase that was repeated: “Thankyou for letting us serve you in this way”. It was quite unusual and really stood out to me – so often in my own culture it’s a matter of doing things for people you know (and presumably care about) or because you’re paid to… how often o you think about serving strangers?

Vancouver has been great too. I was a little bit out of it with jetlag, but last night we did something I have never done before – we went carolling! It was like being in a movie as we went to and fro from people’s homes. It was mostly little old ladies that we visited and it was beautiful to see the joy that it brought them. Many had tears in their eyes as we sang to them (and no it was not because we were bad!) but because they were so lonely and were overwhelmed by having people, who don’t even know them, come to spend some time and bring a pointsetter plant.

It’s awesome to finally get back to being with Ken and Julie – it’s weird – things are different but yet so familiar and comfortable. I think that’s what really good friendships are – no matter the time or distance – it’s always a bit like coming home. With all the travel that I’ve been doing lately, I’ve sort of missed the lead up that I would normally have for Christmas at home in Sydney. But I think it hit me a little more today as we were wandering around doing some last minute Christmas shopping. It’s my first Christmas away and I know it will be a little strange. But we have lunch planned at a restaurant and then David Short (the minister at the church K and J work at) and his wife invite all the ex-pat Aussies over to their place for Christmas dinner. And who knows, maybe I’ll have my first white Christmas with them.

PS: and the third country was me standing on the boarder at the USA/Canada line to go over and do some shopping – but I forgot to carry my passport with me and US immigration are apparently a little picky about that sort of thing…


  • At 1:05 pm, Anonymous alex said…

    the US? picky about immigration? surely not?

    merry christmas, jodi. take care. x


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