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Monday, December 04, 2006

This shot pretty much captures the way I've spent the last couple of days - racing around and organising the ushering of up to 1100-1300 people around ANU and into Rydges. At times it's been pretty stressful - but all in all it seems to have worked pretty well. The students have been wonderful in the way that they have served but I'm just a bit worn out by having to be so bossy and task oriented all the time! Last night I just wanted to sit down and cry because I hate turning into a sergeant major - so it was good to take some time out this morning and just go to the gym and have a nice breakie in a cafe and spend some time on my own.

It's been so encouraging seeing all of the excitement on peoples faces as they make their way down to the main conference centre - you just know that these students have come because they want to hear the word of God faithfully preached - and that's what they've been getting. The talks from Richard and Philip have been both challenging (as in calls for repentance and faith) and encouraging. One conversation that I had with someone last night came from them having being convicted that they need to keep persevering and honouring God, even when it may feel hard. Isn't that a great realisation to come to? If you have been able to make it to NTE this year, I'd encourage you to get the tapes when they come out because it will be well worth it.

This afternoon was a nice change of pace. Having some free time, and no night talks (so that we can plan for mission) meant that a bunch of Credoites headed to Lake Burleigh Griffith to enjoy the company, the views and take some time to process all that they have heard in the past few days. Pictured is one of them, Mini Me, serenading some of us with her musical talents.

It's been good to be here, but come Wednesday I'll be glad to pack up and head to Cessnock (for mission) knowing that the end of the year is in sight!

(PS - thanks Pen for the bike - everyone is jealous that i have it! It's been interesting getting on a bike when I haven't ridden one outside of a gym in ten or so years. I only crashed into two pedestrians though...)


  • At 12:19 pm, Blogger bec said…

    persevere my dear - you're doing a great job and you are immensely encouraging to me!

    (but i, too, cannot wait to get home and sleep in my own bed...aaaaaaaaahhhh!)

  • At 2:22 pm, Anonymous Shannyn said…

    Hey Jodi,
    I got in! Yay!
    Now I just have to settle down for the next two years!?!


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