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Monday, December 11, 2006

It's official...


As off yesterday afternoon, and with driving away from Cessnock, I started a month of holidays. I'm so excited! (Sorry petey andrews, I know you don't like me saying that with too much excitement)

It wasn't the best start, with what should have been a 6.5 hour drive turning into a 10.5 drive - but I'm here now (Byron) and a month of travel lies in front of me.

I probably wont see many of you until Feb but I'll be posting from time to time still - should be a place to upload new photos where ever I go (speaking of which there are some from the rest of mission on the flickr now - I'll add comments to the later).

til when ever...


  • At 1:10 am, Anonymous walshy said…

    Got lost in the country did ya Jodi :P

    Have a great holiday! I'll cya in Feb.


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