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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Those Chili People..."

So a couple of weeks ago my 58 year old father came to me and asked if I'd heard of "these Hot Chili People". Being somewhat cluey I figured that he meant the Chili Peppers so in a bemused tone I said yes, I'd heard of them. Long story short - his company has a box at the Accer Arena meaning he gets offered tickets to all kinds of gigs. He turned these ones down because he didn't think they sounded interesting...

After seeing my aghast expression my darling daddy realised and set about rectifying his mistake. So Thursday night I'm off to the Chili's! Yeah! As off today I have the outfit (courtesy of the brilliant bec&bridge), tomorrow Tommy will work out the hair - so I'm all set for a night of fun and frivolity with my Dad. Unfortunately for him, he finds the music on mix 106.5 trying at times so I'm not too sure how he's going to cope (he's rejected my offer to listen to a CD or 2 beforehand and prefers instead to be surprised - poor little lamb has no idea what he's in for).

But I'm saving the best news of this post til last: for those who read a couple of weeks ago about my friends daughter, Gemma (with the blindness and Cerebral Palsy), I have a excellent, exiting, amazing and perhaps miraculous update. Yesterday morning the neurologists cleared her of CP - apparently the signs she has been exhibiting can be attributed to the blindness.

Praise God huh?


  • At 11:00 am, Blogger timbo said…

    Hopefully they don't play in the nude!

    Circa late 1990's

    You probably didn't want to know that!


  • At 8:44 am, Anonymous alex said…

    how was it?

  • At 8:51 pm, Blogger jodi said…

    chili's were awesome! so talented! and no tim - they weren't naked although the support act did to a rancid strip 'tease' (it was repellant).

  • At 9:24 am, Blogger Louisa said…

    Praise God indeed!!!


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