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Friday, May 26, 2006


Amongst all the seriousness and intensity of the week gone by, I figured that it would also be good to reminisce about some of the top five fun and trivial things that have happened for me this week:

1. Last Sunday night saw me playing my first poker game - I have loved watching the world tours on Fox, and thanks to some of the guys from church inviting me, I finally got to play for myself last week. I sucked - but that's ok... being the competitive person that I am I'm determined to get much better - give me a call if anyone else is keen for a game
2. After 3 weeks, my fish are still alive (no small miracle!) and growing. They are now the size of my thumb nail. Two of the biggest ones (I'm going to presume that they're the boys) have names, 'Cain' and 'Able' (hopefully not prophetic). Any ideas for girls names?
3. I'm discovering the world of dark chocolate - always hated it, but I was forced into trying some the other week and now I'm getting addicted - anyone recommend any particular favorites?
4. I was reminded how much I love mockumentaries like 'Best in Show' or 'Spellbound'
5. Dad has 'loaned' me his Cannon SLR which, due to being inspired by a particularly beautiful sunset on a train ride home, I am intent on learning how to use properly to capture something (here is me being silly with it in front of a mirror - does everyone else take dumb photos too?)


  • At 6:24 pm, Anonymous al.x said…

    how about... streisand and dion? (joking.) or... gin and blossom, as a tribute to the band you like v. much?

    i have an asahi pentax. it's an old school analogue, but takes a mean picture. we'll share notes some time.

  • At 11:51 pm, Anonymous chelsea said…

    jodi I love that photo! its not silly at all i reckon!
    But for the record, everyone i know who has an SLR (including myself)has taken at least some (but usually several)self-takes - its part of the fun of experimenting with the new toy hehe! Enjoy!
    We'll have to go photo taking sometime! :)

    (p.s. if there is anything i can pray for in relation to the intense serious week just shoot me an email or let me know at church!)

  • At 9:54 am, Anonymous Goldy said…

    Hey Jodi,

    Poker, Photos & Dark Chocolate. Three truly beautiful things.
    I'm in for some kind of poker night & definately in for some kind of photo expedition once this term & it's exams are done.

  • At 11:11 am, Blogger jodi mclaren said…

    to all three of you - very much up for a photo expedition sometime - alex, i'd love to see some of your shots

  • At 1:47 am, Anonymous Chanman said…

    Dumb photos... yeah, all the time. You take more photos to balance them out see.


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