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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Study camp part 2

1: extreme fatigue
2: serious weakening and loss of energy [syn: debilitation, enervation, enfeeblement]
3: the act of exhausting something entire
4: neurosis following overstrain or overexertion especially in military combat

So that's me. I came home from study camp yesterday afternoon and promptly put myself into bed. It was 5:30 in the afternoon. I slept for 13 hours...

I like the fact that the dictionary definition includes the military illusion. That's the way I've felt about this week because there has definitely been a battle with some of the students (esp the bali 9!) and Satan. I've come away mostly feeling spent and weak. There has been disapointment, frustration and trust that has been broken. At the moment I'm working through how not to feel cynical (thoughts justin?) about my ministry and whether it is valued at all by those whom I'm trying to serve and work with and how to keep going when you're feeling attacked and undermined.

But it hasn't all been bad. For those who were praying, some of your prayers were definatley answerd in a short space of time. At least ten became Christians this week (!!!!!) - and many more seeds where planted in young minds for the Holy Spirit to hopefully start growing.

And our beloved Bali 9 started to show signs of cracking and breaking. In the end some of the leaders, myself included, started to find them incrediably entertaining. They got worse before they got better - but on the last lunch time some of them joined me and we had a really good chat. I was able to show them friendship and ask them questions that will hopefully challenge them to think about the type of people that they want to become.

I want to finish by thanking some people who will never read this post - but who made this week a true joy that i wont forget for a long time - my new friends Paddy, Michelle, Mark and Annabelle. Thanks for being the ones to laugh with and make me laugh (esp through the very cold very late nights on patrol!), to run away with for that well earned drink, to hug away a couple of tears and finally for busting out dance moves with that nobody else will ever understand - hooters and dramatic door openings will never be the same...


  • At 8:00 am, Anonymous chelsea said…

    I've just been on treestump, so just caught up on your blogs then.
    Jodes, I can relate especially to the previous post - lets just say there were times on camp when I was just so incredibly saddened by the behaviour of some of these kids.
    So awesome those 10 kids turned to Jesus - praise God hey!
    Such an image of grace really - amongst all that chaos and hard times of the camp, God's love and power keeps shining on through and changing hearts! Very cool!

  • At 5:41 pm, Anonymous al.x said…


    just so you know, and i hope this offers some sort of encouragement, however small, your leadership means a lot to me. know that i appreciated all your work last semester in small group and value our friendship (which will Actually Last Forever!). :) can't wait to see you at getaway (and share the new dixie chicks album with you!).

    big love. x

  • At 6:06 pm, Blogger jodi mclaren said…

    thanks ghetto gal (can you still be ghetto and love the D. chicks?)

    and for those in the know - i found my ipod (wasn't 'borrowed' by a terrorist after all) - who knew you could lose an ipod down the back of a camera case? now if i could just find the earphones to go with it...

  • At 7:28 pm, Blogger thwip15 said…

    I didn't know you lost your IPOD, spewing dude, but at least you found it.

    Yep, it was a good week, pretty wild dance moves you were busting out, looked liked half the time you were trying to open a fridge...hmmm....inventive :P


  • At 10:28 pm, Blogger Angie said…

    Hurrah! You survived...I know I wouldn't have...could NEVER be a highschool teacher.

    Sounds like an exciting ministry though, 10 new Christians!

    See you at getaway xo

  • At 10:30 pm, Blogger Angie said…

    Oh, and Alex,...the Dixie Chicks...please.

    (Still love u though :)

  • At 10:38 pm, Blogger jodi mclaren said…

    tsk tsk tsk... angie may - there shall be no mocking of music taste on my blog (unless it's done by me!)

    and dave - some moves are so stylish they need never be explained, only understood or admired by those in the know (one very good reason why you should never try and imitate someone on the dance floor - you can just never be sure what's behind it)

  • At 2:32 pm, Anonymous al.x said…

    i concur with jodi, sorry angie. i feel you are casting aspersions without actually having experienced the dixie chicks... and you can't bag me on another person's blog - where are your e-manners? :)

  • At 12:42 pm, Blogger Phil said…


    Man I would have loved to be leading on that study camp!! [tho with full-time work getting hols could've been a prob : ( ] I love talking with those type of kids - I used to be one - was literally too school 4 school...had the worst attendance record in my year in Yr 10!

    Thnaks for yr comments on my newly created blog...I think I should've called it 'Delusions of Grandeur'... buts thats another post in itself...

    After the week you've just had all I wanna say is:

    Well done good and faithful servant : )


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