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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Emotions and anticipation

Friends will tell you that I am an emotional kinda gal. One friend used to ask where abouts on the rollercoaster I was; ie - how up or down am I at that particular moment. Well things have mellowed out over time, but I am still an emotional sucker and will cry at some really random things. For example, I don't actually watched the show 'Survivor' - yet I can turn on to a random episode and if it's a family reunion or something I'll cry. No matter how many times I watched a re-run of MASH where Henry dies or Hawkeye leaves - I'll bawl my damn eyes out.
It's worse when it comes to my best friends. When Penny told me that she and Marty were engaged, I cried. When she showed me her wedding dress, I cried. When she told me she was pregnant, I cried. When we went to buy the baby some clothes to come home in, you guessed it, I cried...
So you can imagine what I am going to be like in a couple of hours when I finally get to hold that precious little one. As I type, Pen is in labor and I'm basically just filling in/wasting time until I get the call telling me to come to the hospital.
Photos will come sometime soon!
(and anyone who reads this before the photos come, then get praying for a happy, healthy delivery!)


  • At 4:26 pm, Anonymous al.x said…

    yay! bring on the happy tears!

  • At 4:57 am, Anonymous Marty Daley said…

    On behlaf of Penny - Olivia & Dalila - we are all doing fine. Olivia Daley has come into this world and says a MASSIVE HELLO to everyone :)

    Clocked in at the stroke of 11:00pm - 21/06/06 - 3.339kg - 54cm tall - orangie tinged hair - happy as all can be - has a wicked pitch of a scream - but loves to be held and loved by mum and dad and soon to best friends - anty Jodie.

    I'm going to bed - it's 4:52am.


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