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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas - Canadian Style...

Ever wanted to get a sales assistant to feel sorry for you? Tell them that you're spending Christmas on your own and are buying yourself a present to unwrap on Christmas morning. The look is priceless! (and you get something nicely wrapped in the bargain too - it worked a treat when I bought a cut red dress the other day at 'Bananna Republic').

Christmas Eve was at St Johns and C.D itself was out at brunch with K & J and some of their friends followed by a massive dinner at David and Bronwyn Shorts place with about 20 ex-pat Aussies. We had so much fun. I wondered what it would be like to have my first Chrissy away from home - but it was a really good day! After dinner we sat around the Short's lounge room and played Christmas trivia games, where (according to Canadian traditions) everyone was a winner at the end. (NB two weird things about Canadian culture; it is soooo polite all the time, and pedestrians just cross the road whenever they feel like it and cars just have to come to a screeching holt to stop, or they get hit - I think Vancouver has the highest rate of deaths by being hit by a car in the world).

I think the snow is coming to town soon, or I'm going to it at Whistler.

Here's Poochie on Christmas day


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