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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well, Whistler was amazing! I'm not sure that i can put into words just how beautiful the mountains really are. I feel as though i was able to see and experience things up there that i never really thought that i would. It was so much fun- and best of all, I'm walking away unscathed - no injuries this time (well - bruises with fade and swollen muscles will re-coup over the next few weeks).

And along the way i got to spend time with some new interesting people. The skiing was awesome and Jane and Blake were very patient in giving me tips on how to get better. Along the way, they showed me some of the magnificent mountains in Blackcomb and Whistler. At one point we were above the clouds at one of the peaks, and i couldn't help but think on how incredible God's creation is. It's mindblowing. By His hand, all of these places have their being and it was incredibly humbling to be there and see so much of His creation laid out before my eyes for me to experience and enjoy. The landscape was, in parts, so ruggard and raw - it almost felt super human to be able to be up there and move through it all.

During the week i spent a lot of time doing my own thinking and reflecting on my relationship with God and Jesus. Most of the time i was surrounded by non-Christians - people who seemed to be happy to challenge and question me about why i choose to live the way i do. On one hand it was easy because, after all, my job is spent with people asking questions like theirs - but on the other side it was also tough as i kept asking the same questions of myself.

How do you explain 'faith' - concepts of absolute truth and certainty that you have in Jesus and salvation? Why is it, as Christians, that we choose to live so counter culturally? Does our living differently bring glory to God? I know how i answered these questions - but how would you?

I'm getting a bit tired now i think. last night i realised that I've now been on the move (about every week) since mid November and i still have another couple to go. Thankfully I'm getting some good sleep along the way though!

In a couple of hours I'm hopping on a plane to NYC where i get to spend time with the Moffats. Bring on the bagels and cheesy pizza slices!


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