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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Why are some of my most entertainig moments happening on trains this week? I shared a moment with a stranger this morning. A funky fun twenty something stranger. Her name was Lucy (at least that was the name on her necklace). We were a few seats apart and on a diagonal. After most of the carriage emptied itself of the bustling workers at Town Hall, there sat between us two girls. There was the silence of an early morning except for their chatter about their respective weekends which revolved around the dilemmas that they had faced whilst shopping. "I bought so much junk... It was all on sale... The only jeans that are out at the moment are skinny ones... It's not fair!"

Lucy and I were looking at them, looked up and then sheepishly realised that we'd both been eavesdropping on these strangers. We smiled at each other, looked away; looked back and smiled at each other all over again. Both getting up at central, Lucy came alongside me and whispered conspiratorially:
(Lucy) "And to think, we used to be just like them once".
(me) "I know! Don't you wish you could go back to when skinny jeans were your biggest problem?"
>insert laughter from both of us<
(Lucy) "you have a great day"
(me) "yeah you too. bye"

Well i thought it was nice... how often do you have those moments with strangers in an often cynical and isolated world?

PS: from my vantage seat this morning I witnessed three guys give up their seats and two step aside - all for the girls. The girls smiled and accepted their offers. My faith in chivalry is being restored!


  • At 6:50 pm, Anonymous al x said…

    that's so cute, i love 30-second friends. they make you feel really cool in a bizarre kind of "i don't know you but i like you" way.

    mind you, something compels me to defend the jeans girl, even though i often think superficial things about people like her -- it really isn't fair that all the jeans are skinny. true, it is not the most important problem, but she makes a valid point. (i am wearing harry-high-pants skinny jeans at the mtv awards tomorrow -- no one deserves to witness that, you know?)

    alex :)

  • At 6:50 pm, Anonymous al x said…

    PS -- hanson have a really cool song called "lucy." i'll share it with you at ETC. :)

    alex :)

  • At 11:45 pm, Anonymous ange said…

    I love those moments too. I recently shared one with a woman in front of me in a check out...she caught me rolling my eyes at a customer who had a trolley piled up with heaps and heaps of easter eggs and nothing else!!!! The woman in front smiled at me in agreement...twas nice.

  • At 6:56 am, Blogger Justin said…

    I was once driving a Taxi while at Moore. I pulled up at a set of lights and the Premier of NSW was staring at me.

    I said: "Hows business?"
    He said: "Tough".
    I said: "Same."

    And there ended our 30 second Moment of Solidarity.

  • At 1:00 pm, Blogger dave traill said…

    nov 16, 2005, around 10:45pm.

    after the last penalty kick had been scored, i hugged this guy in aussie flag boxers i'd never met before, sharing a moment where we knew what each other was thinking, but we didn't need to say it.

    2 minutes later, he was gone.

    moment of solidarity; beautiful...


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