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Friday, January 12, 2007

A private goodbye made public

So if you've read Justin's comment on my last post you may have gotten the idea that there was a little chaos in me getting to and on the plane. Let's just say that it's not the best idea to not set an alarm clock (when you have to be out of the apartment at 7.25) because it could mean that you get woken up at 7.05 and still have to shower and, of yeah, pack... but I got there.

What that all meant in practice though, was that I didn't get a proper chance to say goodbye to the Moffats - just a harried "Bye - See you soon". And because I didn't get to say the final words that I wanted to, I'm taking a risk (of possibly embarrassing them a little) and letting everyone else in a 'see ya' to the Moff's and NYC...

I think you know you have a great friendship with someone when it's ok to be real with each other in everything. So first up, I want to say thanks. For sharing your lives and love with me - laughter, tears, tantrums (ok so that was just for 'the Boy') - it was great to be there and share all of it with you. I have so much respect for both of you, that it was just way to easy to tear up when thinking about how much I've missed having you around.

But having said that - more than ever I meant those words that I said on my first night there. I really do think that you're there because God has put you in a place to help change the world for His glory. No matter whether it is from the depths or heights of emotions - you always have that as a compass to guide what you guys do over there.

Justin - thanks for that chats and the odd 'rant time'. It was great to have them with you and to see you in action again. It was a blessing to see and meet the people of CCNYC - now i have a much better understanding of how to be praying for them, and you and John, as you minister together.

Laurel - you always amaze me. Your strength, sense of humour and patience are inspiring. If i ever become a wife and mother you're one of the women that I want to come to for advice. All that and an incredibly fun tour guide too! I wish we could have chatted more - when you get here we're going for High Tea somewhere.

And thanks for a great last night in NY - if only they'd had "When Harry Met Sally"! I'll have to get it out sometime soon.

But now I am back in Sydney. It probably wasn't the wisest choice but tomorrow morning (yes within 24 hours of getting back in town) I'll be on January Leadership Conference - spending time at Galston Gorge with some young people who are thinking about what to do, and how to think about, being a Christian their first year of uni. At first I was dreading it - but now I'm looking forward to what can happen this upcoming week. Pleas pray for us because these weeks can be life-changing for heaps of these young'uns.

It'll be nice to get into my own bed soon...


  • At 6:09 am, Blogger Justin said…

    Jodi... Your words are warming to our hearts...


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